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Our suppliers

Our many years of experience in the medical devices market gives us a unique sense for outstanding medical technology products. We constantly refine our exclusive group of success­ful international manufacturers from Europe, North America and Asia and add innovative products to our portfolio. Our suppliers also value this highly: Many international manufacturers entrust TapMed to be their exclusive distributor in Germany.

Absorbest – the Swedish company sets standards in the development and production of medical devices. With expertise in advanced infection control and operating room hygiene and efficiency, Absorbest is an indispensable partner for us. Our Absorbest products, the innovative DryMax and Dry Max VET super wipes, are hygienic, safe and provide a dry working environment.

Ansell ist ein weltweit führender Anbieter von Schutzlösungen, der seit 125 Jahren Menschen bei der Arbeit und zu Hause mit Produkten für die Arbeitssicherheit unterstützt. TapMed bietet die Produkte SANDEL Ergo-Step™ und ErgoPlus™ Anti-Müdigkeitsmatten an – sie dienen zur Reduzierung von Stress und Belastung des Bewegungsapparates.

The name BIOVER stands for high quality products in micro, hand and plastic surgery. TapMed sells the atraumatic color-coded single-use BIOVER MICROVASCULAR CLAMPS as well as the sophisticated Super Micro Titanium Instruments.

Despite significant advances in surgical procedures and methods, many ORs are still relying on old positioning techniques. Together with their clinician partners as co-developers, Bone Foam has made it its mission to change that. Among other products, Bone Foam has in its selection position solutions such as Troop Elevation Pillows which are offered by TapMed in the German market.

CooperSurgical is a market leader in the development, production and marketing of medical devices used to advance healthcare and minimally invasive surgery. Of their over 600 clinically-relevant medical devices, TapMed offers the INSORB® skin stapler with absorbable clamps. INSORB® is used to achieve excellent cosmetic results in human medicine, and it is also used in veterinary medicine.

For over 35 years, Coremec has been supplying public and private healthcare facilities in Italy. Their product range comprises a diposable line of which you will find at TapMed a comprehensive assortment of special high quality oral cleaning and care products for mechanically ventilated patients. They help to significantly reduce the risk of ventilator-associated preumonia (VAP).

Danish Healthcare and TapMed have been distribution partners for patient safety products since 2022. The portfolio includes disposable straps for the operation room and thermal protection produtcst for patients. Danish Healthcare is committed to reducing hospital-acquired infections through the use of disposable products.

In 1986, Design Veronique was founded to find better design solutions to what was applied as postsurgical medical compression garments at the time. After 30 years of design innovation, testing and patent approvals, Design Veronique’s product line has swelled to include over 100 postsurgical medical compression products to assist patients in healing. Further focus is laid on maternity support products for pregnant women and new mothers.

Dupaco is an FDA Registered and ISO 13485 Certified Medical Device Manufacturer located in San Diego County, California. Founded in 1975, Dupaco specializes in patient safety and positioning devices. Their Patient Eye Protectors Opti-Gard® are distributed by TapMed in Germany, and they are used by hospitals all over the world to better protect their patients.

Fibralign is an award-winning, commercial-stage, Stanford-spinout that designs, develops and produces novel therapeutic medical devices to address major unmet medical needs. One of those novel devices is BioBridge®, a collagen matrix thread made with Fibralign’s patented Nanoweave® technology which is designed to enhance, control and potentiate the natural lymphangiogenesis process.

FissoBaitella AG, headquartered in Zurich, is the world’s leading supplier of user-friendly and individualized holding systems with central locking knob. The Fisso articulated arms are successfully used worldwide as a quality product for applications in surgery, ventilation, anesthesia, patient positioning and many other application areas. In close cooperation with TapMed, a product video has been created as a pilot project in 2022.

The Denmark-based company Furine develops products for faecal management and skin care. The external faecal catheter, which is marketed in Germany by TapMed, is the first of its kind in the world. With a clear focus on patient safety, dignity and quality of life, Furine has developed the first non-invasive faecal catheter. It is used to drain liquid stool. The disposable medical product is safe, skin-friendly, discreet and facilitates the daily work of healthcare professionals.

Gabriel Scientific is the developer of the unique patented PneumaPure® filter technology, the physical barrier against microbial contamination. The product range includes wedges, rolls and other positioners. These are specifically designed to improve patient and caregiver safety and prevent healthcare-associated infections. Moreover, special products for the veterinary sector have been developed together with TapMed.

Gunze was founded in 1896 and thus is looking back on a long company tradiotion of steadily applying their knowledge and improving their technologies. Their aim is to provide customers with a “Feeling of Comfort“ and contribute to the improvement of people‘s quality of life through their products and services. TapMed values this noble goal and is happy to promote their high-quality product PELNACTM-Artificial Dermis in Germany.

Hospital Direct has been at the forefront of Patient Handling Solutions, developing one of the largest self-manufactured ranges of moving and handling aids in the world. By use of their disposable turning slide sheet Slideezi® and the disposable Flat Slide Sheet patients can be repositioned, moved, turned or even sat on quickly, safely and with little effort. Beside its use in human medicine, the Slideezi® slide sheet is also offered by TapMed’s veterinary medicine division.

HovertechHoverTech has been a leading manufacturer of patient transfer and mobilisation products since 1977. With HoverMatt, TapMed offers a safe, high-quality product for lateral patient transfer. Especially with the HoverTech single use matt, hygienic, back-relieving work is guaranteed.

The Heintel Group is an internationally active company, leading in Austrian hospital care with a broad product portfolio. TapMed has been successfully offering selected products such as the SafeFix protective glove and the CrossSeat bed chair in the German market for many years.

Hygiene Procurement Solutions (UK) Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of hand cleansers and sanitisers, wet wipes and associated bespoke surface cleaning and skin cosmetic products. ‘HPS Ltd’ has recently introduced its own Bathe-Lite® brand of personal hygiene products which can be obtained at TapMed. These include rinse-free barrier wash-cloths, incontinence/skin care wipes and all-in-one shampoo/conditioner cap as fully packaged, ready to use disposable products.

Thanks to their many years’ experience as well as the implemented quality management system – compliant with ISO standards – Kikgel offers sterile hydrogel dressings that meet the highest standards. HydroAid® is the hydrogel dressing product line for aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery that is sold by TapMed.

Based on their comprehensive expertise in developing and manufacturing medical devices and on modern production facilities, MBP GmbH develops porcine collagen-based medical devices and offers further services. Their collagen matrix Rematrix Breast is specially developed to wrap and support breast implants and ideally complements TapMed’s product portfolio.

medizintechnikSattlerAs a German manufacturer and distributor, Medizintechnik Sattler offers a broad assortment of medical devices for surgery. The development of new products as well as the further development of existing processes enables them to create and implement customised solutions such as the arm support available from TapMed.

Visibility background material to assist in visualising micro vessels during surgery is the TapMed-marketed material by Mercian Surgical Supply Co. Limited. The manufacturer is one of the foremost suppliers of specialist surgical instruments and medical devices located in the UK.

MicroaireMicroAire empowers surgeons to achieve efficient, high-quality results that deliver unparalleled patient experiences. As the distributor of MicroAire’s PAL® System in Germany, we rely on their company values Excellence, Reliability, Functionality and Customer Success. Through this stable cooperation, we at TapMed have not only been able to provide our customers with outstanding products and service for over 20 years, but have also contributed to setting new standards in the treatment of lipedema by use of Power Assisted Liposuction.

For 40 years, Mizuho OSI has been a leading provider in special surgical tables and sets standards in the medical industry. TapMed has been distributing from their portfolio ProneView®, the helmet system for positioning the head in prone position, GentleTouch® pillows and the Wilson frame successfully for 20 years. Recently we have also added their special surgical tables for improved patient positioning for spine, imaging and orthopedic trauma to our range.

Natus Medical Incorporated offers a wide range of innovative and trusted solutions for healthcare professionals of different disciplines. From their portfolio TapMed has successful presence in the German market with Olympic Vac-Pac®, the vacuum mattress for safe patient positioning in the OR using negative pressure. It provides a safe and supported method of quickly positioning patients for surgery. Olympic Vac-Pac® conforms to the shape of the patient, holding them securely in place while providing medical care to selected areas of the body.

NEXT Medical Products is a leading manufacturer of high-quality medical products and solutions for the healthcare sector, with a strong presence in the medical industry. The company offers a wide range of medical consumables, instruments and equipment that meet the highest quality standards. TapMed sources the product Shoulder-Float, an inflatable shoulder positioning pillow which serves to relieve the shoulder and head in lateral position...

obp is a global, privately held, medical device company that is reinventing the everyday tools that surgeons rely on by integrating single-use LED lighting technology into their single-use devices. This is also the case with the TapMed-distributed ONETRAC single-use cordless lighted retractor with integrated smoke evacuation.

Opitek International, a Danish company, specializes in the development, construction, production, and distribution of medical devices that facilitate surgical procedures in the operating room. TapMed sources PediStirrup from the portfolio, a solution for pediatric laparoscopy and other interventions in lithotomy position that contributes to easy and safe repositioning of the legs during surgery.

Petermann’s ideas for their nursing products are developed exactly where they will later be needed and used – in practice. Their development department experiences first-hand how demanding the everyday lives of caregivers and people with limited mobility are. The construction of the „Rollboard“ which is their TapMed-marketed product, is also based on this expertise.

Polyform stands for know-how, trust and the latest technology in the production, processing and finishing of foam material. Included in TapMed’s product portfolio is Polyform’s Softmat. The open-pore, high-quality and breathable material prevents pressure damage and keeps the patient’s skin dry and intact during intensive care unit positioning.

With a focus on bioabsorbable materials, Regenity advances new frontiers in regenerative science. They commercialize the Polyganics-originated nerve repair solutions Neurolac, Neurocap and Vivosorb. These products marketed by TapMed give surgeons the flexibility to choose from diverse repair approaches, including bridging, capping and protecting damaged nerves in order to achieve functional recovery, reduce unwanted scar formation and prevent neuroma.

For over 20 years, the Swedish manufacurer Reison has been a trusted partner to caregivers and business partners in quality orthopedic and surgical products. They offer a wide range of supports and surgical table accessories with high functionality standards. Their products provide excellent fixation, are easy to change for all kinds of applications and give maximum patient comfort during different surgical procedures.

Sandel’s innovative products are developed in close collaboration with experts and are specifically designed for use in high-risk healthcare environments. The eye-catching bright orange signal color of the Ergo-Step Stools and ErgoPlus Anti-Fatigue Mats sold by TapMed helps reduce preventable injuries. Sandel’s diverse product portfolio provides caregivers with solutions to make workflows safer and improve patient outcomes.

TapMed has established an active exchange with Sol-Millennium in the field of veterinary medicine and exclusively offers an assortment of special safety syringes and cannulas with a technology for avoiding needlestick injuries, in addition to other products such as Luer Slip Syringes, Standard Needles and Insulin Syringes. Sol-Millennium follows a meticulous approach to the development of each product to ensure the needs of users, patients and their owners are met. They attach particular importance to ensuring that the products are safe and user-friendly.

SynovisSynovis Micro Companies Alliance is a subsidiary of Baxter International Inc. In pursuit of being “The Microsurgeons Most Trusted Resource” they are committed to the values of trust, mutual respect, high communication and a spirit of cooperation. TapMed very successfully distributes the Microvascular Anastomotic COUPLER Device for vein anastomoses in microsurgical procedures and the FLOW COUPLER Device for detection of blood flow at the anastomotic site.

Dormo is the brand that was born with Telic Group. Dormo solutions focus on single-use diagnostic and nursing products to ensure patient well-being. Telic’s vein stripper Dormo-Strip is available from TapMed for invagination technique stripping and for conventional vein stripping.

Trulife is a global business with over 60 years’ experience as a leading manufacturer of medical devices and specialist silicone-based healthcare products. TapMed has been the exclusive Trulife partner with regard to their Pressure Care range in Germany for more than 20 years. Our great success is based on the fact that we both think first about the impact on the customer.

VascoCare Medical is a dynamic company specializing in the development of innovative technologies to improve patient positioning devices and patient support surfaces. Designs feature comfortable pressure-relieving surfaces that provide optimal protection against pressure ulcers.

For nearly 30 years, Xodus Medical has been dedicated to improving patient and employee safety in healthcare. The Portfolio includes over 1,100 customized solutions. Each of them contributes to a safer, more efficient and highly effective operating room environment.
Their Pink Pad® Trendelenburg Positioning System is an innovative, patented, clinically-preferred solution for increasing patient safety in Trendelenburg. It protects patients against unwanted movement throughout surgical procedures, as well as nerve-injury and Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injury (HAPI) risks.
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