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An exclusive patient positioning, hygiene, and plastic surgery product portfolio

TapMed cooperates with internationally successful manufacturers from North America and various European countries to offer its customers in Germany an exclusive product range of high-quality medical and technical products.

Our suppliers depend upon our long experience and competence, and have chosen TapMed as their exclusive sales representative for the German market.


TapMed Medizintechnik Handels GmbH
Gewerbepark 10
34317 Habichtswald-Ehlen

Phone: +49 5606 – 53060-0
Fax: +49 5606 – 53060-44
Email: info(at)tapmed.de

Our three areas:

1. Patient positioning and pressure relief in the OR and ICU

Surgery patients and those in acute care are exposed to many hazards and stress factors. The very latest preventive measures in patient positioning and hygiene help protect patient health, speed up convalescence and lower the costs of treatment.

The Irish company Trulife, a specialist in positioning devices in the operating theater, has been one of our suppliers for many years. In addition, we offer selected products for patient positioning, for child positioning and for relieving pressure to the head and eyes.

Product overview:

  • Pressure relief mats OASIS, ELITE, AZURE, OASIS Plus – Trulife (Ireland)
  • VAC-PAC patient positioning system – NATUS (USA)
  • OPTI-GARD and ProneView for head and eye protection – Dupaco and Mizuho Osi (USA)
  • Fisso simply the best fixation – Baitella (Switzerland)
  • Troop Elevation Pillow, Airway Aid for Obese Patients – CR Enterprises LLC (USA)
  • Evolution patient positioners – Vascocare (Ireland)
  • Operating room equipment – Reison (Sweden)
  • PediStirrup peadiatric lithotomy positioning – Opitek International (Denmark)

2. Preventive patient hygiene, infection control and patient safety

For operating room hygiene, we offer absorbent tissues from Absorbest.

HoverTech International is the world leader in air-assisted safe patient handling. Our complete portfolio of patient transfer, repositioning, and handling products reduces caregiver injury, while increasing patient comfort and safety.

Product overview:

  • DryMax super absorbent tissue – Absorbest (Sweden)
  • HSO fixation solutions – Heintel (Austria)
  • Sandel Innovative safety solutions- Ansell (Germany)
  • Hovermatt air-assisted safe patient handling – Hovertech (USA)
  • Oral care and oral swabs  – Coremec (USA)
  • Bathe Lite cleaning tissue – HPS (USA)

3. Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery

Our supplier MCA-Synovis is a highly-respected manufacturer of innovative products for neurosurgery and vascular surgery. The state-of-the-art liposuction system, PAL manufactured by MicroAire, surgical instruments by Stille, Braxon – pre-shaped ADM for one-step prepectoral breast reconstruction, NATIVE – ADM sheet for breast reconstruction round out our product range.

As authorized distributor and sole agent in Germany, TapMed has set up its own Design Veronique e-commerce site for post-operative compression garments. Compression garments promote healing after aesthetic and reconstructive surgery such as liposuction procedures.

Product overview:

  • NEW: Braxon – pre-shaped ADM for one-step prepectoral breast reconstruction – Decomed (Italy)
  • NEW: NATIVE – ADM sheet for breast reconstruction – Decomed (Italy)
  • NEW: INSORB absorbable skin stapler  – Incisive (USA)
  • NEW: NEUROLAC®, NEUROCAP®, VIVOSORB® –  Flexibility in peripheral nerve repair – Polyganics (Netherlands)
  • Microvascular anastomotic COUPLER, MicroClips – MCA Synovis (USA)
  • Microvascular Clamp – BIOVER (Switzerland)
  • LipoSculptor PAL650E – MicroAire (USA)
  • LipoFilter, Fat transfer system – MicroAire (USA)
  • Compression garments – Design Veronique (USA)
  • Surgical instruments – Stille Surgical AB (Sweden)
  • HydroAid – Hydrogel dressings – Kikgel (Poland)

TapMed is constantly on the lookout for innovative products which improve working conditions for surgeons and nursing staff, offer patients maximum protection and promote healing.

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